My new sounds:

    My new sounds:

    I will be G R E A T

    My new sounds:

    No one

    I don’t wish what I was going through for anyone.
    As a 21 year old African American male, promoting health wellness, and good vibes, sharing what I love with everyone I thought my life couldn’t get any better.

    Until I met a female that would change my life forever. She was so special to me, I beat the odds, the neigh sayers, and the stereotypes going out with her. My first real love, the one I wanted to share my whole world with, someone I would slice a piece of the universe for.

    I was so faithful to her, didn’t want anybody but her, I made sure of that. Cut off potential females that tried to get me, pushed them away, just to get closer to the girl I wanted marry.

    Turns out she wasn’t feeling me after a while, she was too afraid to say she was just bored with me. She was just dragging me along for moral and emotional support.

    She played with my emotions instead of keeping it one hundred with me.

    It’ll be tough getting over her, we shared a lot of similarities,
    In music, the arts, movies and fashion. So everything I deal with in life, will remind me of her.. The one I thought that’ll be my soul mate.

    I close my eyes to get rid of the memories, I drown myself with other women on campus but I know it isn’t the same.

    Knowing what I did, I was virtually a perfect boyfriend towards her. I was highly respected from other peers, when they witnessed how in love and how much effort I put into loving this girl.

    Too bad she didn’t see it, or maybe took it for granted.

    Oh well.


    Black Love 😍

    Hey that’s me. And my ex

    My new sounds:

    Deep poetry is my everyday..